10 Funny Pool Signs

Everyone loves spending time at the pool during the summer months. It’s a great way to cool down and you get to spend time with the people you love. You likely already know how important pool signs are for keeping everyone safe. It’s also possible to buy funny pool signs that will help to add to the overall charm of your pool area.

Below you’ll find ten funny signs for your pool area that everyone will get a kick out of. If you have a sense of humor and want to be able to add a little something to the pool area, then these make sense. You’ll definitely find something that appeals to you. Take a look at all of the options and see which ones you’ll be interested in buying.

1. Sigo Signs: Sharks Have Been Spotted in This Pool

Sigo Signs is bringing you a very good pool sign option for your pool area here. This sign says that sharks have been spotted in this pool. It goes on to note that they come out when they smell pee. The sign winds up serving a double purpose as a humorous sign and a way to drive home the point that no one is supposed to pee in the pool.

The sign itself is made out of aluminum and it looks really nice. The red font for the “sharks have been spotted in this pool” portion of the sign really stands out. This is going to be a good sign to add to the pool area and everyone should get a laugh out of it. Consider this one if you want to keep your pool nice and clean.

2. Sigo Signs: Welcome to Our Ool

This is another good one from the folks over at Sigo Signs. This one reads “welcome to our ool.” It goes on to note that there’s no “P” in it and that they aim to keep it that way. It’s another sign that serves as a reminder that no one is supposed to relieve himself or herself while swimming in the pool.

You’ll like the look of this sign overall and it will certainly remain vibrant for a long time. It’s another aluminum sign that you can count on to add some humor to your pool area. If you think this is a good funny sign with the right message, then consider buying it today. It’s not expensive at all and it’s definitely a good pool sign to own.

3. Sigo Signs: Swim at Your Own Risk, Lifeguard on Beer Break

Here’s another really funny one for you to consider buying for your pool. This sign reads “swim at your own risk, lifeguard on beer break.” There’s a picture of a surprised stick figure man struggling with the waves. Of course, your pool likely doesn’t have a lifeguard but it’ll be a funny sign no matter what.

This is a very appropriate sign for any adults who love to enjoy adult beverages while poolside. The sign really stands out and is definitely going to get a few laughs. It’ll look nice by the pool and it might remind people to be careful since you’ll be too busy enjoying a few beers to focus on much else.

As well as being funny is also made of high quality tin and got a nice retro look and feel to it.

4. My Sign Center: No Running, No Diving, No Peeing, Bring Beer

It’s important to establish the right rules when you own a pool. This sign gets across the most important rules that everyone needs to remember. The tenets of no running, no diving, no peeing, and bring beer will be remembered by all when you decide to display this sign. The accompanying artwork looks good and it’ll definitely garner a few laughs.

This sign will fit right in at your pool area if you’re a laid back individual who loves to enjoy drinks while hosting a pool party. It also has the added benefit of encouraging guests to bring their own beverages.

This just might save you from running out of beer at an inopportune moment!

5. Leister Game & Novelty Co.: Caution, Adults at Play

If your pool area is one giant excuse to have a good time with your friends, then this sign makes sense for you. The sign reads “caution, adults at play.” No one ever said that adults couldn’t have a good time and avoid acting their age. If you like to let loose during the summer and enjoy the pool to its full extent, then this sign makes a lot of sense.

It’ll be something that shows that you have a sense of humor and want to have a fun time. It’s a perfect sign for a pool that is primarily used by adults who are trying to forget their age. If you like having a good time, then this is another one of the funny pool signs that you should consider.

6. Toothsome Studios: Pool Temperature May Cause Shrinkage

If you like to keep things easy on the eyes while you’re enjoying your pool, then you have to lay down certain ground rules.  When a friend shows up wearing a Speedo, it just makes it hard to enjoy the day.  You can prevent this from happening by hanging this sign that it clearly attacks man’s biggest fear: Shrinkage. 

You’ll save your eyes from the sight of seeing more of your friend than you ever really wanted to.

The high-resolution artwork on this sign really does pop. It’s definitely going to make many of your friends laugh. Even if you don’t have a friend who would ever consider wearing a Speedo, this is the type of humor that makes sense for your pool. This is a highly recommended pool sign.

7. HangTime: Clothing Optional Beyond This Point

Those who are looking for funny pool signs that are a little bit flirty and very funny will enjoy this option. This sign simply reads “clothing optional beyond this point.” Of course, you’re not suggesting that people ditch their swimsuits in the pool area. You’re just giving them the option in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

This sign is yellow and it has an artificially distressed or aged type of look to it. It will definitely stand out in your pool area. Many people like to hang this type of sign in the entrance area that leads out to the pool. Where you place it is completely up to you and you’re likely to make people laugh no matter what.

This sign is made from hard wearing tin and already has the mounting holes drilled in.

8. Vision Signs: Absolutely No Swimsuits Allowed in the Pool Area

Another funny sign that is going to be quite similar to the one listed above is this offering from Vision Signs. They have made a sign that reads “absolutely no swimsuits allowed in the pool area.” It goes on to say that drinking is not optional and that it is mandatory. If your pool is all about good times and partying, then funny pool signs such as this were made for you.

Admittedly, the look of this pool sign is a bit tame. It is simply a blue sign vinyl sticker, making it less desirable to some than a traditional aluminum sign. Even so, this is definitely going to add some laughs to your pool area. Consider this if you think that your friends would get a good laugh out of it.

9. 36M: Attention We Don’t Skinny Dip We Chunky Dunk Activity

Not everyone is going to look slim and trim when they’re hanging out in the pool area. If you’ve gained a few pounds over the years and have a good sense of humor about it, then this sign might work for you. It reads “we don’t skinny dip, we chunky dunk.” This is the right type of funny sign for people who are comfortable with their weight and are still willing to put themselves out there.

The sign has a humorous overweight cartoon character drawn on it. It is made of durable high quality aluminum that will last for decades. Very clear, bold, easy to read lettering that can be read from the distance. This will work great for either indoor pool areas or outdoor pools. It also comes with pre-cut mounting holes to make it easy to get this sign hung up exactly where you’d like it to be.

10. HBA: Pool Rules Rustic Not Allowed to do Anything That Begins with Hey Ya’ll Metal Sign

Finally, you have this humorous little sign to consider for your pool area. This is a metal sign that is made to resemble a wooden sign. It’s very sturdy and durable, meaning that it can be a staple of your pool area for years to come. It reads “Pool rules: you are not allowed to do anything that begins with hey y’all watch this!”

If you have crazy friends who love to be the center of attention, then this sign might be aimed right at them. It’s a funny way to make light of crazy pool antics. This sign ships in a poly bag for protection and is very well made. You’ll be able to count on this sign to stand up to the sun too as it is made to avoid sun fading for up to four years.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve seen ten of the best funny signs on the market, you’ll be able to pick out which ones will work the best for you. All of these are funny in their own different ways. You might want to grab several of these for your pool area or you might want just one. Whatever you decide will be fine and you’ll certainly add some smiles and laughs to your pool area.