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Owning a pool can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that you do things the right way. As entertaining as it is to own a pool, you also need to recognize that they have the potential to be dangerous.

Many people have accidents every single year while using the swimming pool, some even fatal. You could avoid some of those accidents by simply putting up safety signs.

There are even certain laws in place that require pool signs that feature safety information for some types of pools.

These laws are going to differ depending on where you live. Some states will only require signs to be placed near public pools and other types of commercial pools.

Others may have laws in place that will require signs and fencing around residential pool areas.

Below, you will be able to take a look at some important things to consider when using pool safety signs. These signs can be used to your advantage whether you are a residential pool owner or a commercial pool owner.

You will be able to consider some reasons why people use these signs.

There are many types of signs, and they can help to get the right information across, so keep them in mind if you own a pool, or thinking of having one.

Keeping People Safe

Keeping people safe is probably the primary reason why most people seek out swimming pool signs.

They can be used to alert people to the fact that a pool is nearby with a Warning: Swim at Your Own Risk sign.

Safety signs can also be used to help people understand certain things. For example, using a sign that clearly states that there are No Lifeguards on Duty, which will let people know that there is no one around to help them if they encounter trouble.

There are so many important types of pool safety signs that you will want to consider purchasing.

One of the most important signs, in my opinion, especially If you only have a somewhat shallow pool, is the No Diving – Shallow Water. This sign helps to keep people from injuring themselves by giving them the necessary information. People will know that diving is dangerous in this pool and will automatically shy away from doing it.

Here are some great examples of Safety Swimming Pool Signs I just explained.

You want to make sure that you do your best to keep people safe.

As I pointed out earlier, if you own a public, commercial, or residential pool, some safety signs might be required by law.

You should research the requirements based on where you are currently living.


Sanitation is also very important when you want to keep your pool nice. This is going to be true whether you are a public, commercial, or a private residential swimming pool owner.

No pool owners want to have people making messes in their pools. This can really sour the experience, and it could even wind up causing you to have to go to great lengths just to make things sanitary again.

Signs that make it clear that people should not pee in the pool area are very important.

You want to make sure that everyone is aware that this is not acceptable by any means.

You should also try to set up signs that showcase your stance on food or drinks being used by the pool area. This can help to keep your pool area that much more sanitary.

If children are using the pool area, make sure their parents are aware of the signs.

Display them in prominent areas so that everyone can get a clear idea of what the sanitation expectations are for your pool.

You should definitely consider this if you have people come over to use your pool from time to time.

Making the Pool Rules Clear

Making your swimming pool rules clear is very important.

I am no lawyer, but surely it should help with liability issues, especially if you are in charge of a public or commercial swimming pool. You should also use these signs if you own a private residential pool.

The main purpose is to be clear on what is allowed and what is not during the use of the pool.

Exist many types of swimming pool safety signs, so the difficulty is to find one that matches your decor and personality.

These signs should reinforce the Swimming Pool Rule Signs, especially the features about danger and sanitation.

For the best results, you want to make sure that the signs are visible at all times.

For this reason, many people wind up placing the pool rules signs in multiple spots, so that people can see them no matter where they are hanging out in the pool area.

Put some thought into where you can best place the signs before moving forward. Most of the signs I researched in this article, can be used in fences, posts, and walls.

Liability Concerns

There are two main reasons why you should use swimming pool safety signs.

The first reason is to prevent people from getting injured or worst, and the second is to alleviate liability concerns.

You don’t want to have someone use your swimming pool, get injured, and then sue you. Using signs properly can help you to avoid liability in more than one occasion.

As you might expect, commercial and public pools make use of these signs all the time. There will be some signs that are required by law in these types of pools.

Even residential pool owners can benefit by making use of certain types of sign. For instance, you might want to invest in a no trespassing sign in order to keep people out of your pool.

Having a no trespassing sign is an excellent idea. This can keep you from running into problems if someone enters your pool despite it being clearly labeled as a private pool.

When it comes to liability concerns, it is best to do things by the book. Take a look at the requirements of your specific state when it comes to pool signs. You will also want to take note of fence requirements and any other restrictions. Doing so keeps you from encountering problems. Do your homework and be vigilant about this.

Safety Signs With Humor

While researching for the best swimming pool safety signs, I encountered some designs with fun in mind. These signs are simultaneously informative and entertaining.

Laying out the rules of your pool does not necessarily have to be a dry affair. You can buy signs that match up well with your personal sense of humor or life philosophy.

There are some fun pool signs that lay out the basic rules, while also requesting that swimmers bring their own beer, while reminding not to dive, run or pee in the pool.

Other signs might be a bit silly but will still be able to get their point across. Consider buying signs that you will be happy with from an aesthetic perspective.

It is your pool area, and things should match up with what your vision of the pool should be.

As long as the signs don’t detract from the overall message that you are trying to get across, everything should work out really well.

Take the time to shop for some nice signs today. You will certainly find many options, and it shouldn’t take long to find a good fit.

As long as you buy one that is durable and built to last, you will wind up being very happy with your purchasing decision.

In Conclusion

Now that you have examined some reasons why you should make use of swimming pool safety signs, their importance should be more apparent.

The presence of pool signs makes a big difference when it comes to protecting you as a swimming pool owner. Remember that pool signs are not just for commercial or public pool owners. Be smart and protect yourself as a private residential swimming pool owner too.

You will be able to find signs that you need online, and Amazon has a very good assortment. It is also possible to turn to local sign companies in order to get custom signs made for your pool.

The route you decide should work out just fine. Just remember to follow the law and expectations of your specific area.

Take the time to buy the swimming pool signs that you need today. For the most part, these are going to be very cost-effective.

Spending a few dollars on signs is a lot better than getting sued by someone who got hurt while using your pool.

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